Funeral Ceremonies


“Did you know that an Australian dies every 3 minutes and 19
I belong to a consortium of celebrants and funeral planners
who are transforming the funeral industry.
We are revolutionising the funeral industry in the same way
that Uber and Airbnb have revolutionised their industries by using modern on-line tools, and systems.
The problem we solve is that the funeral industry has settled into a process driven industry, a process that dictates what is available, and the fashion in which it is delivered.
We offer the ceremonies that people often want but they can't generally get.

We bring a fresh, vibrant approach, and deliver a different
level of client satisfaction.
Our funeral celebrants can design creative, authentic, and
cost-effective occasions that are driven by the imagination of the celebrant and the family – no longer constrained by a process.
Unlike the norm in the funeral industry, or prices are “open
book” and the cost savings are usually considerable – 30% or so is normal.

We offer a premium service, delivered by professionals, at a
reasonable cost.

Phone me if you need some help

Be aware that you have tons of time if you are arranging a funeral.
Don't allow yourself to be pressurised into making arrangements that you may regret.
Call me to discuss your options on 0409 713 350

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