martin Moroney

Do you want a stand out marriage ceremony?

A great marriage ceremony does not happen by chance.
It takes the skill, experience, and inventive mind of your marriage celebrant - coupled with your marriage celebrant's stage presence to make your ceremony unique to you, and the best marriage ceremony your guests have ever attended.

The ceremony of your dreams for any couple, same sex, or heterosex

Everybody wants to have the “Wedding of their Dreams” and on most occasions, everything is planned
down to the last letter…………except the content and the words of the ceremony itself.

Clean and fresh style

My background is in behavioural science and I apply the most modern design principles to your marriage ceremony

Something different

Your guests, (and you), will remember how personal your ceremony was. How it told your story using your words.


I am a professional stage presenter. I tell your story for you, not talk at you. This is the way that a modern marriage ceremony should be.


I am a member of the Master Celebrants Asssociation. Master Celebrants set the standards in the wedding industry.

What people say about my ceremonies

A great marriage ceremony is a wonderful investment.
The marriage ceremony is where the rubber hits the road, and all that money you have spent has to make sense.
If you have a great marriage ceremony, you will have a great wedding reception - your ceremony has set the tone for the day.

"The best marriage celebrant"

Some people have been to lots of weddings.
Sam and Dorrie at Sylvan Glenn in the Southern Highlands have seen hundreds of marriage ceremonies.
They told me that Shannon and Chris' marriage ceremony was the best marriage ceremony they have ever experienced!
Please watch the video to the end to hear what one of the guests told me.

Same Sex Marriages

It's time to normalise same sex marriages, not make them any different than any other marriage ceremony. I have conducted many same sex commitment ceremonies, and I can tell you that your same sex ceremony is your one time opportunity to win over the doubters by showing them the power of love. Ask me how.

"The ceremony you created for us represented the love that James and I share, and you helped show our guests a glimpse into our lives."Andrew Vella.

About Me
My mission is to create benchmark ceremonies that others copy

They say that "experience is a great teacher, but the lessons come very expensive".
I am a very experienced celebrant, and I have conducted hundreds of marriage ceremonies, and same sex commitment ceremonies over the past 9 years.
I have a unique style, that surprises and delights the guests at the wedding.
It's a blend of class and fun.
My ceremonies are characterised by the way I am talking FOR you at your marriage ceremony, not talking AT you.

I have masses of testimonials. Here are a few.

"My grandmother goes to multiple weddings every year. She said that my marriage ceremony was the best marriage ceremony she has ever attended" Emma Kozianski.

"Our guests were very touched by how personalised the ceremony was. They loved the stories you told about us and our friends, and they loved your personality, and the way you dressed." Adele Mulholland.

"Such a spectacular, unique, and such a sentimental and personal ceremony, Everyone was raving about you and how much they enjoyed our marriage ceremony". Christopher and Christina Davidson.

Contact Me

Call me for a chat and we'll discuss your needs, what you are looking for, and how I can help you.
As a result, we'll arrange to meet.
If you are out of town (Sydney) we can meet on Skype and make all your arrangements, including the legal stuff, on-line.

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I usually meet couples where they live, or at a convenient location for them.
I am a full-time celebrant, and we can meet at any time that is convenient for you.